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Welcome to Vape & Candy Wholesale – Your Trusted Supplier for Innokin Coils in the UK!

Discover the perfect replacement coils for your Innokin devices with our premium selection at Vape & Candy Wholesale. We take pride in offering a wide range of authentic Innokin coils, including ICLEAR, ISUB, and JEM series, ensuring you enjoy a seamless vaping experience every time.

Innokin ICLEAR Coils - Unmatched Clarity and Flavor

Explore the next level of clarity and flavor with Innokin ICLEAR coils. Specially designed for optimal performance, these coils deliver a crisp and clean vaping experience. Choose reliability and excellence – choose Innokin ICLEAR coils for your vaping pleasure.

Innokin ISUB Coils - Sub-Ohm Excellence

Step into the world of sub-ohm vaping with Innokin ISUB coils. Engineered for maximum cloud production and flavor intensity, these coils are perfect for vapers who crave a more robust and immersive experience. Elevate your sub-ohm game with Innokin ISUB coils from Vape & Candy Wholesale.

Innokin JEM Coils - Precision for the JEM Series

Precision meets performance with Innokin JEM coils. Tailored for use with the JEM series, these coils deliver a consistent and satisfying vaping experience. Enjoy smooth draws and rich flavors with the reliability of Innokin JEM coils.

Key Features of Innokin Coils:

  • Authenticity Guaranteed: At Vape & Candy Wholesale, we take pride in offering only authentic Innokin coils. Rest assured, you're getting genuine products for your vaping needs.

  • Variety of Options: Whether you prefer the clarity of ICLEAR, the power of ISUB, or the precision of JEM, we have a wide range of Innokin coils to cater to your preferences.

  • Exceptional Performance: Innokin is synonymous with quality, and our coils are no exception. Experience consistent performance and excellent vapor production with every use.


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